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Your inner child has two aspects, the first being the spiritual you, experiencing life with you, feeling the love, joy and pleasure as much as any pain.

Imagine that you can access all the experiences good or bad in your life through your inner child.

But you don’t have to remember them in details, just a realisation that a particular event, such as you being told you were bad for doing something, you didn’t know was wrong to do, or you said something that caused you to feel that you weren’t good enough to receive love and attention from your mother or father.

You formed the meaning at that moment in time and have continued with the same belief all this time. That belief will hold you back, will prevent you from succeeding in life.

But it is buried deep in your unconscious mind, it controls what you think and how you behave, that is until you are able to find it and change it with the help of your inner child, and the inner child guide.

The second aspect of the inner child is your intuition, your inner wisdom, connecting you to the universal knowledge which you can call upon to guide you on your life’s purpose.

However it is hard to connect to your inner child, as you are focused on listening to the noise of life, following the expectations of those around you, and believing you aren’t good enough, loveable, worthy or even belong.

You are invited to sign up for the meditation and discover for yourself your inner child, feeling the love and pure joy of connecting with her.

Then you will be ready to start accepting you are capable of becoming the powerful creator of your own life. Learning to love you and put you first – no longer willing to listen to the negative voices who tell you what you can do!


“I’ve just tried the meditation technique and it’s left me feeling warm, cosy and a little less stressed out!!  I will use it a couple of times a week 100% !”  DM

Inner Child Meditation