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I am on a mission is to reach 5 million women to empower them be financially and emotionally secure.

As a woman one of the lessons we need to learn is to be open to receiving, at the present time we aren’t. We are ‘programmed’ by society and family expectations to give, give, give without any regard to ourselves.

The programmes we run, are in our unconscious mind and control all our actions, until we are prepared to step beyond what we know, and start to acknowledge we are spiritual beings, experiencing life as human beings we will continue to remain in the same reality.

Over time more and more women will be aware that they are unique and powerful.  Women will change the world but it has to start with changing women’s perceptions of themselves.  Perceptions of being unworthy, not deserving, unloveable, and not good enough.

My reason for my mission is because I spent a considerable amount of my years being broke, or having large sums of money, but wasting it, especially on food and things that I didn’t really want or need, it was simply to make me feel better, just like so many other women do.

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Despite my professional career of 20 years in the world of banking where I was a personal lending officer and business adviser. I was c**p at managing my own money even when I was an independent financial adviser! To avoid paying maintenance to my ex  I decided to leave the financial world behind for a while.

Instead I spent a number of years as a PA to the chairman of a financial research company, before I set up my own Virtual PA business, offering support to SME’s as well a coaching and mentoring them. However I closed the business after 5 years when I realised I wanted to work with people not computers!

I was not until I qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist did I understand why my relationship with money was so awful… I didn’t believe I was worthy or good enough to have wealth and abundance.

Whilst I had a successful hypnotherapy practice, I continued to create drama in my life, by not believing in the results I i helped clients obtain. I would go through cycles of being financially successful then because I didn’t think I was good enough I would let it all slip through my fingers.

Once I understood why it made it easier to seek help in releasing my past patterns of behaviour through shifting my beliefs and stepping into my vision at a deeper level.

I also had issues with trusting my own psychic and clairvoyant gifts, which I now use to provide insights for my clients for their business and personally.

It is due to my acceptance of my psychic and clairvoyant abilities that led me to work with the Inner Child with clients. I consider the Inner Child to be your Soul. In connecting to the inner child it is possible to take back control of your life as she has been through life with you and knows the answers to any problems you may be experiencing.

Unlike counselling there is no need to relive the past, as you can be guided to bring about change in a matter of hours naturally.

After the first session my clients look more relaxed as if they have ‘dropped the sack of potatoes’ they have been carrying around on their shoulders for years.  Life becomes easier.  Are you ready to discover how you can work with me?

With my spiritual gifts, knowledge and wisdom I intuitively guide my clients to release the negative emotions they suffer from including guilt, judgement, doubt, together with feelings of being powerless, unlovable, insignificant, and so much more.  I then mentor them calling upon my financial and business experiences, to help them build a soulful business, without the usual overwhelm and confusion that comes when you set up in business.

Are you ready to let go of struggling to build your business, to be in flow and aligned to your soul? Then it is time to step into your soulful business?

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