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Inner Child

For some listening to their intuition is a challenge, as they find it hard to accept they can,  to help them relax and be open to hearing their intuition, I encouraged them to connect with the little girl, who lives in their heart.

This allowed them to accept the communication they were able to hear/see in their mind, when they asked questions of their little girl.

What is intuition

My experience of intuition is one of knowing, through feeling, but also seeing images, or hearing words that come into the mind/body without thinking.

For example… an instinctual knowing when something is wrong, such as sensing a danger and taking action before you are consciously aware.

Being guided to take an action that is outside of logical thinking, i.e phoning a family member or friend when you wouldn’t normally do so, to find that they are in need of some loving support as they are feeling overwhelmed.

Or taking a different route to normal to realise later that you would have been considerably delayed if you had chosen your usual route.

Your inner child and the future

Listening to your inner child facilitates you exploring your future and being provided with direction to the life you would love.

“…. Another area we worked is my inner child, she had been pushed away so much that I had truly forgotten about her, but I can say hand on heart my inner child is out to play and does enjoy her life. I have haven’t laughed so since I don’t when.”  Penny Beere – Live Your Dream Life Coaching

When you follow your inner child’s guidance and take action based on what you would love, you are able to bring amazing results into your life.

Why not listen to the inner child meditation and meet your little girl who lives in your heart.

Your inner child and your past

As your inner child has been with you from the beginning, she knows of all the ups and downs of your life.

Therefore she will provide you with all the love and support you need to change or let go of your negative beliefs and behaviours.

Working with your little girl gives you the opportunity to heal past hurt and to let go of negative emotions of anger, frustration, powerless etc. that are stored in your body to be free of the potential harm those negative emotions can cause to your health and wealth.

If you want to meet your inner child visit Your Journey to Abundance