The Money Goddess Academy

Money and Success for Women

The Money Goddess Academy (“MGA”) is the place for you as a woman to build grow and expand your relationship with money to create a life of infinite possibilities.

Money mindset

Your money mindset will hinder or empower your relationship with money.  Your mindset is based on the beliefs, thoughts and feelings you have about money and success. If they are negative they will affect your ability  to be financially successful.

It is through exploring your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that you can start to build a loving relationship with money where money is a friend which supports you to live the life you desire.

Financial Education

There is no point in building a loving relationship with money unless you are prepared to learn and expand your knowledge and understanding of personal finance.

Wealth brings responsibility but with a positive money mindset and a loving relationship with money, you are capable of taking that responsibility on fully to take the actions necessary to protect your family and your wealth. Including….

  • Insurance
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Savings,
  • Investments
  • Pensions and retirement planning etc.

But what is your reality?

As a woman you probably realize you may not be as responsible with your money and finances as you might be and you are not as successful financially as you would like to be.

Hardly surprising considering you have not been educated or encouraged to learn about financial matters, and if you look back in the past you probably came straight from school into your first job and was expected to know how to manage your money.

And then you were married or in a relationship!

Previously it has been the man who was in charge of the finances, because they were the bread winners, and were the ones who worked to support the family.

Why rock the boat or change tradition?

Although it is you who decides how much to spend on food and clothes etc., it is generally your husband or partner making the decisions regarding insurance, savings and retirement planning.

But whilst more of you are living on your own or as a single parent, it doesn’t mean you are making more financial decisions. 

You are often thrown in the deep end due to divorce, separation, death or incapacity and lack the confidence, knowledge or ability to take on the additional responsibility.  it is a lonely and scary place to be and can result in financial hardship as you are unable to make the decisions you need to.

Change is possible

The reality is, not only do you lack financial education you also have a tendency to create beliefs about your own self worth and confidence in your own abilities holding you back from the success you so desire.

Your beliefs are created from past lives, and as you grow up from the experiences of those around you and then as you get older they are reinforced by teachers, TV, social media and peers.

For some the thought that your past lives could be influencing your current life, may seem strange if not scary, but Western society is the only society which does not believe in reincarnation.

There is more and more evidence readily becoming available that reincarnation is true.

But what if you can bring past life beliefs and experiences with you into your current life? Consider for a moment how much time and effort you have spent on self-development, yet you seem to struggle with the same issues.

Why are you still experiencing the same issues, possibly because the past has not been acknowledged and dealt with.

Hypnotherapy  has been used to explore past life health problems which have resulted in a resolution of the problem that  was medically explicable .

There are more children  being born with the knowledge of their previous lives and how they died, even to the point where they have been able to show where their graves are together with  the hidden murder weapon.  In some cases they have even been able to advise authorizes who their killer was.

Therefore would it not be logical to assume that if unexplained medical problems can treated with hypnotherapy why not the emotional and mental blocks around money and success?

Regardless whether you believe or not, those beliefs create your thoughts and feelings and behaviours.

In business you…

  • Procrastinate
  • Charge lower fees
  • Give time for free
  • Struggle to have clients
  • Survive financially rather than thrive

On a personal basis you…

  • Over spend
  • Don’t spend
  • Hate speaking about financial matters
  • Don’t make financial decisions

As an individual it is important you are aware of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings and your behaviour around money so you can stop sabotaging your efforts to have the life you dream of.

Mindset, financial education and taking action will empower you to obtain the financial success you so rightly deserve.

Check out which programme would be best for you by clicking on the links below or call 020 3371 3279

The Successful Woman programmes help you get past the blocks you experience  through examining and exploring your thought process and patterns of behaviour from your past in business or personally.  And to financially educate you.

The Divorce coaching and mentoring programmes help you if you are thinking of, going through or have been through divorce and find you lack the confidence or understanding to make financial decisions.

The Money Goddess Academy is a place of empowerment to change money mindsets, provide financial education for you to gain financial knowledge to become confident in your financial decisions to grow your wealth, to know the actions you need to take to protect, build and expand your wealth.