The Money Goddess Academy

Money and Success for Women

The Money Goddess Academy is for you as a woman to be a place where you can explore money, finance and success.

As a woman you probably realize you have not necessarily been as responsible for your money and finances as you might have been.

But that is not surprising considering you have not been educated or encouraged to learn about financial matters, and if you look back in the past you probably came straight from school into your first job and was expected to know how to manage your money.

Once you were married or in a relationship it was easier to let your partner deal with the family’s finances simply because they were better at managing money, or seemed to know more than you, or perhaps it was easier to have one person responsible for the finances.

You dealt with things like the food shopping, clothes shopping etc. but other financial matters were left to your partner.

Or if you are single, you have always relied upon others to advise you, but not necessarily with the outcomes you were expecting, maybe you don’t have savings or you never seem to get ahead of the game.

What you think is what you create

I am sure you would have heard the saying what you focus on is what you create. This is so true when you are growing up, as you are subject to the words, feelings and thoughts of those around you. 

You form your own beliefs from what you hear and experience from your parents, siblings, teachers, peers even the TV and newspapers, therefore if the experiences are negative, such as you aren’t good enough or, you are useless, or you are a waste of time, you base your beliefs about yourself on those experiences.

Those beliefs create your thoughts and feelings and impact your whole life, even your ability to make money or be successful.

Money and success

The beliefs you form can be – I am…

  • Not good enough
  • Not loveable
  • Not capable
  • Unworthy
  • Insignificant

Regretfully those beliefs will keep you stuck, hindering you from being financially successful both personally and in business.

You procrastinate, choose to charge lower fees, if at all, and constantly struggle to have enough high paying clients, to have a sustainable lifestyle.

Or it could be you have the ability to make money but fail to maintain the momentum.

As an individual it is important you understand how money can be used to improve your lifestyle, through money management, investments and always being aware of how you behave with money.

Does your Gremlin have the final say?

Your gremlin is your ego, who appears on your shoulder every time you are faced with a decision or an opportunity, it has the habit of telling you  “You don’t know what you are doing.” “You are useless.” “Why would anyone listen to you?”

As a woman I am sure you have experienced numerous occasion when you have made the decision but all the fears and doubts creep back in.

The Successful Woman programmes help women like you get past those gremlins for good, through examining and exploring your thought process and patterns of behaviour.

The Money Goddess Academy is also a place of financial education to gain financial knowledge to become confident in your financial decisions to grow your wealth, to know what actions you need to take to protect, build and expand your abundance.

Bring aware of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings and behaviours enables you to make conscious decisions to take action, are you ready to take the next step?

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