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My business and ‘myself’

“Thank you for a wonderful mentoring session this morning. I found it very powerful and it is immensely comforting to me to know that you are able to help me with both my business and ‘myself’.  I am just realising how much this is what I was looking for.”  Emma West Isagenix

Finding the hidden limiting beliefs

“Karen is an amazing coach.  I’ve worked with life coaches before, but she is in a different league.  She managed to tap into something that’s been holding me back all my life.  My limiting belief was so deeply ingrained that I didn’t even know it existed (I’m a psychologist and always over-analyzing myself).  Since our session my perspective has shifted massively.” Jess Baker CPsychol AFBPsS www.jessbaker.co.uk

Releasing the past

“I can’t begin to thank Karen enough. For all her love and support that she has given me.  Karen worked with me to cut cords from my past and also helped me leave my past in the past. It is only a very small part of me now and reducing daily.  I hadn’t realized how powerful Karen’s work is and the results I have got from her.

I do feel that there has been a major shift within me; some of my friends are noticing that something is different about me.  Also I am now ready to take myself forward in different areas which I didn’t think mattered. So if you haven’t experienced time with Karen I highly recommend her to you.” Penny Beere – Live Your Dream Life Coaching

Clarity of purpose

“I’ve been coaching for several years, on various topics. I thoroughly enjoy my work and seeing the breakthrough in my client’s life first hand. However, something deep inside of me felt like I was not serving the right people. After speaking with Karen, I found out exactly who my ideal clients were. The answer was staring me right in the face, I just couldn’t see it. Karen on the other hand saw it and asked me all the relevant questions to get me to dig deeper and tap into my truth. I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to get to this realisation on my own. Karen, quickened the process, without a shadow of a doubt.

If you’re struggling to get a breakthrough in your life, speak to Karen. She will enable you to think outside of the box and connect with what feels right for you. If she can do it for me, she definitely can do it for you.” Donna Hudson Redundancy Mentor and Coach


“Thought provoking !! I used to think doing a vision workshop would be easy, but, after a going through your session today, I realised that it was not easy. Your method of doing the Visioning as a step by step process was very helpful and allowed me to be at ease with myself. Opening the session with meditation was the way to get me centred and showed me how to better focus on my higher self. (that’s not easy) Loving and feeling the freedom to be me and not always doing things to please others… It’s liberating!…setting goals and not worry about the HOW…takes time.. trusting the universe…it will guide me to take inspired actions..And I trust that what I learned today will I help me get the results I want from my workshops.” Frances – Health Mentor

Settled and happier

I’d like to say that I’d been meaning to see Karen for a while.  Why did I wait?!?

Karen, from the first instance, made me feel right at home.  She is a warm and welcoming person who straight away put me at ease.

From then on, she talked to me with real feeling and concern.  We went through the background, which Karen listened to intently.  She was then able to talk me through, with positive outcomes, of how I could actually deal with situations that came to the front.

I feel, in myself, so much more settled with the issues that Karen dealt with and would recommend Karen highly.

The only thing left for me to say, is ‘Go and see Karen’!  From a thankful and very much appreciated ‘customer’.

Improving her whole life

“Thank you Karen, your willingness to let me show you my whole life rather than telling you made a huge difference to me.  I am un-cluttering my life, now I have uncluttered my mind.” Carolyn Thompson, Pranic Healer

Increased income

“The most remarkable thing that happened was that when I left Karen, I checked my phone and up popped an email from a client who asked me if he could pay me now, for services to be taken in the future. YES PLEASE! What a great moment! I got paid that same day.” Mariette Janson Dr De-Stress

Lighter, optimistic and a strategy!

“I particularly like that Karen works intuitively and trust her instincts to do what is right for each client, rather than mechanically address presenting issues.  During the workshop we dug deep into my beliefs about money, attitude to selling and much more. I came away feeling much lighter, optimistic and with a strategy on how to build my business. Thank you Karen!” Riana Avis Life Coach

Making more money in my business

“Thank you Karen, I am making more money in my business and our house has sold and my husband is being more sensible with money (bonus). And it all happened in a few weeks of working with you!” Amber Adams Travel Counsellor