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Create Your Intuitive Vision Board Workshop


Are you in business, working a job or have your reached the point in your life where you are wondering what is my purpose? Are you ready to stop ‘thinking’ and allow yourself to start intuitively creating your life?

Previously vision boards were created by thinking I want to have…. and finding the pictures that relate most to what you wanted. But that way does not work!

All to often your vision board is left in a cupboard hidden away as it is out of alignment with what your heart desire. You don’t believe you can create what you have placed on the board. Not believing ensures that you will continue to experience problems of manifesting your dreams and desires.  Leading to you feeling frustrated, fed-up and overwhelmed by your lack of success. You feel that you have failed, that you should be able to manifest your vision.

But the vision isn’t heart-centered.  Your ego has decided, guiding you to choose pictures to match what it thinks is appropriate.

However, when your vision board is created from your heart, your intuition, you are able to discover what you would truly love and be in alignment to create your life.  Imagine how life would be for you if you were living from your heart, your inner wisdom. Listening and taking action based on what you would love?

Which is what you do when you attend the Intuitive Vision Board Workshop.  During the workshop you are provided with a safe and nurturing space where you…

  • Connect to your heart to receive your vision
  • Discover your goals based upon your vision, not your ego
  • Find the intentions that will empower you to bring to life your vision
  • Create your vision board in alignment with your true self.

At the end of the workshop you will leave with a…

  • Clear vision of your future
  • Ready to create your vision with passion and purpose
  • Have defined intentions to succeed in achieving the end results
  • Knowing you are fully aligned to who you are
  • Your completed vision board as a visual reminder.

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Don’t take my word this is what previous attendees have said…

“Motivational, inspirational and good fun” Penny Beere

“Clear guidance and enough time to work on each area.  Really amazed that I could come away with a finished Vision Board.  The meditation to identify the vision and goals was very powerful” Yvonne Stone

“I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who needs direction in their life. I would say to others to be open and give it a try. I came away feeling much better within myself and with much more clarity on what I need to do next” Francis

“Inspiring, helpful and AMAZING!” Jane Searle

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Limited places only

Location: Croydon   

When: Friday 2nd February 2018

Time: 9:30-16:30

Price: £97 

Early bird price £77 if booked before 30th January 2018

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