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10 tips to improve your relationship with money

Money is love and energy which is attracted to you when you are in flow.  When you focus on the negative, or what you don’t have, in a place of lack, you continue to attract the same to you.

Follow these 10 tips and you will raise your vibration to be in flow, to bring more money and abundance into your life.


Stop trying to figure out what you need to do and quieten your mind. Listen to the guidance of your heart.  You have the answers inside, but are so focused on seeking external answers that you fail to hear your own inner wisdom.  Meditate to quieten your mind then you will hear your guidance.

Open you heart to loving you

Life experiences and childhood experiences stop you from being open to loving you.  When you accept yourself for who you are and are open to loving you, miracles happen.

Start by letting go of judgement of yourself, and begin to accept you are a beautiful being and worthy of love!

Be honest with yourself

Stop hiding behind your mask.  Be honest with yourself and acknowledge you are responsible for your life.  As much as you may want to pass the blame onto others, only you can change your thoughts, and present situation.

When you take responsibility of your thoughts and actions you create a different life.  Make the choice to stop letting others control your thoughts and actions.  It’s time to take back your power.

Life purpose

If you don’t know your life purpose, focus on what brings you the greatest joy to you.  It takes time to discover your life purpose, often with twists and turns along the way.  Let go of the need to know it will come to you. In the meantime let yourself experience joy in your life.

Focus on service

Serve those who need your help, but be open to receiving.  It is not a one way street you need to receive just as much as you give.  In refusing to receive you take the joy away from others. Giving and receiving completes the circle.


Ask for help.  When you ask for help, you provide permission for the angels to help you.   The angels cannot help until you ask as the universal laws state you have the free will to make your choices and decisions.  There is no shame in asking, you are acknowledging you deserve and are worthy.

Shower of abundance

To heal your financial situation, give your worries to the universe.  The universe will help heal the situation and provide opportunities to be abundant.  Ask, listen and be aware of what is being shown to you, or given to you.  Always acknowledge what you receive, express gratitude. You are confirming to the universe, yes, this is what I want so it can bring you more.


Playing and being playful, having fun and laughter helps release the negative energy which holds you stuck.  Give yourself permission to play like a child, in innocence and with curiosity.  Step beyond the everyday and be in the wonder of life.

Laughter raises your vibration to a higher level. So you can attract more joy into your life. More joy means more wealth and abundance, not lack.

Perfect timing

Set your intentions of what you want, but remember the universe will only provide at the time which is right for you, not before.  Be clear and precise when you state what you want, otherwise you could be disappointed.  Once you have asked let go of the outcome, trust you will receive.  But take action to bring it to life not in desperation but acceptance that it is going to arrive.

Let your past go

Don’t live in the past, when you live in the past you cannot empower yourself to be in the now living a life of love and joy.  Only take from your past the lessons and love that will help you going forward, to serve you, your life purpose and soul mission. Otherwise let it go.

Regrets do not serve you, you cannot change the past. When you spend time looking back at the past, you carry a heavy burden that makes you physically weary as well emotionally drained. Forgive yourself for not being perfect.