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Money Mindset

Your money mindset is created as you were growing up, becoming hard-wired in to your subconscious mind by personal experience, direct commands and suggestions from parents and authority figures.

Money is the means to give you the lifestyle you want but money is perceived unconsciously of causing pain or pleasure.

Here are a few examples of how money affects your lifestyle and the consequences of it…

Living in a household where money was tightly controlled or there was little money is highly likely to be painful. Therefore you either accept you are not able to have money or you strive to ensure you have money to spend on what you want, when you want. However because your mind has associated pain to money, you may in fact hold on to it and not spend, fearful of not having money.

Whereas growing up with money can be just as painful the money caused problems within the family, including arguments, disagreements even envy, to the point where you you feel uncomfortable having money. Instead of having an abundance of money you only ever have enough money to survive. That way money can’t hurt you or those you love, unfortunately that isn’t the case surviving can cause as many arguments and disagreements as having an abundance of money.

If you came from a family with money and had everything you ever wanted, you may choose to rebel, to not have wealth as you feel guilty and judged for having money by your peer groups or that money made you greedy.  It may seem illogical but the reason for your behaviour is often hidden among your beliefs  and are only revealed when you look at your relationship with money and wealth.

Money Personalities

During my career in banking and as a financial advisor, as well as my own personal experience I realised that our behaviour with money is similar to the characteristics of some animals.  Subsequently with some poetic license I created 9 Money Personalities.

They are…

  1. The Ostrich – hides it’s head in the sand, and doesn’t want to know about money
  2. The Cat – loves to give presents and will spend, spend, spend to give
  3. The Hamster – loves to save it’s money but hates to spend
  4. The Squirrel – loves to save money, will spend to show off wealth
  5. The Cuckoo – doesn’t want the responsibility of having money, only wants enough to survive
  6. The Meerkat – loves high risk for high returns
  7. The Snake – is generally responsible with money but an emotional need triggers excessive spending
  8. The Rabbit – is exceedingly cautious constantly worrying it is going to conned
  9. The Hedgehog – has to feel safe, if not it becomes frozen by fear failing to take any action.

You probably recognise your personality. What about your partner, your parents, family members, friends and work colleagues?

Your relationship with money

It is possible to change your behaviour with money, as it is never about money, but you!

When you regularly experience negative words and actions such as “You will never be successful.” “You don’t know anything.” “Why would anyone bother with you?” They become part of your unconscious beliefs, resulting in you believing you are not good enough, you don’t belong, you are insignificant and unworthy, even unlovable.

Your beliefs are the creator of your thoughts which control your feelings leading you to behave in certain ways with money.

It doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself you can do… or you will do… you automatically revert back to those beliefs until you override them, your conscious mind has a critical censor.

Your censor analysis everything received through your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste) to decide whether it is matches what it already knows otherwise it will distort or delete it.

The money mindset is also based on what you believe about money, wealth and abundance including…

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Rich people are greedy
  • If I have money, I will have to pay more taxes
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • I am hopeless with money
  • I just want enough money to live/get by.

Your mindset has an upper limit of money, and if you should exceed your accepted level, you will find a way of losing that money – paying for car or home repairs, spending on an expensive holiday.  Unconsciously you don’t feel good enough, therefore you can’t possibly be capable of having spare money you don’t deserve it.

I have wasted money, and failed to make money, because I didn’t believe I was good enough, it wasn’t until I was able to confront my belief and saw how I was behaving was I able to make changes to my financial and emotional wellbeing.

When you work through your money mindset you…

  • Clear out the blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that hold you stuck
  • You take inspired action to build, grow and retain your money
  • You believe you can have wealth in your life and therefore manifest wealth and abundance in numerous ways.

Wealth creation and protection

It is so easy to make the money and leave it sitting in a bank account, only trouble is your money isn’t working for you, but you continue to work hard for money.

Change the story and get your money working for you.  It starts with protecting your financial wellbeing through life and health insurance, not forgetting your wealth, especially if you have family or are working for yourself.

There are various packages that would be suitable to give security to your family if you should die, or incapacitated due to ill health, and let’s face it, more women are becoming ill even dying from various conditions and diseases.

Wealth has to be protected in case of potential claims on your personal assets through divorce, separation or bankruptcy.

And I do understand when you say you don’t like dealing with money, but unless you understand savings, investments of various kinds how can you be fully responsible for your financial wellbeing.

Leaving it to another to make decisions on your behave is not a wise choice. Relationships go wrong and unless you are aware of what is going on, it is likely to affect your income and emotional wellbeing.

Are you ready to change your relationship with money?

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