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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an altered state of awareness, which allows access to the subconscious, through reducing the critical analytical interference of the conscious rationalising processes.

It is like being engrossed in conversation, but overhearing other conversations in the background.

Your subconscious mind continues to react to the stimuli from your visual, oral, tactile and olfactory senses but does not have the same level of interference from your conscious mind’s rationalising processes.

Basically you go into a relaxed “trance” state. Whilst in the relaxed state you are open to accepting suggestions to change habits of behaviour with the minimum of resistance. However, your unconscious mind can accept or reject the verbal directions given by the hypnotherapist.

What is hypnosis suitable for?

Hypnosis is good for:

  • Past life regression – to clear past trauma and gain clarity
  • Pain management
  • Stop smoking
  • Change eating habits
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Public speaking
  • Grief
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias

Hypnotherapy and Abundance

Hypnosis can free you from the negative habits that impact your ability to have abundance in your life.

If you lack confidence or have low self-esteem how do you deal with challenging situations, such as feeling intimidated by other’s behaviour or reactions, being able to ask for what you want, or trying something different that puts you in an unknown environment.

Anxiety, fears and phobias can stop you from experiencing life to the full, such as travelling on planes, speaking to an audience, even getting past your own front door.

Smoking and over eating are habits and not only impact your financial wellbeing, but also have an impact on your health, through reprogramming your mind you are free to make life choices you may not have had before.

Your body is capable of storing memories of past life trauma’s that will continue to manifest in this life, such as an physical scar from a past life injury or vows, promises or life choices you made, that continue to play out in this life such as living in survival mode rather than thriving.

Another way past life regression can help is if there is a situation where you feel you know someone, and react to them in the form of jealousy, resentment, anger or a desire to love and protect with no acceptable or rational reason.

Pain is the body’s way of saying something is wrong, but when there is no reason for that pain, it helps to investigate by stepping back in time to explore whether there were previous physical events which create memories that manifest in the body as pain allowing you to release or reduce the pain.

Grief can be disabling, causing major problems in life. Whilst it is essential to go through the stages of grief, you still have to live. When the grief is overwhelming to the point it controls every aspect of your life, hypnotherapy can help by letting you cope without ignoring your emotions responses.

Hypnotherapy can bring closure to many issues that have their roots in the past whether past lives or in the recent past.

Frequently asked questions

Can you be forced to do something whilst under hypnosis?

No, if the suggestion goes against your deeply held moral code, you can immediately cease to be hypnotised.

You will not do something whilst hypnotised that you would not do normally.

Are you unconscious under hypnosis?

No, you are in a state of altered consciousness, similar to day dreaming, you are aware and in control of what is happening to you, and can come out of hypnosis anytime you choose.

Only weak minded people can be hypnotised?

Actually the opposite is true. As more intelligent people are easier to hypnotise, possibly because they are less likely to be distracted by other thoughts and have greater ability to visualise internally.

Do you remember what is said during hypnosis?

Each person is different, but remembering what is said is natural, you are not asleep, merely in an altered state of consciousness.

Ultimately, the end result of a change in the behaviour is more important than whether you are aware or remember the actual process.

Can you get stuck in Hypnosis?

No, even if the hypnotherapist should drop dead, you would either come out of the hypnosis or drift off to sleep.

Are you likely to reveal any secrets?

Only if you choose to do so, you cannot be forced to do anything against your will.

What next?

If you wish to explore how hypnotherapy can help you, please call 07818 096673



I had seen the Paul McKenna TV programme which focused on the power of the mind when it came to losing weight  and had always wanted to try this method.

I contacted Karen and she was able to give me a hypnotherapy session in her warm and comfortable studio.  Karen’s technique leaves you feeling extremely relaxed and I now subconsciously eat more slowly, eat food that is healthy and satisfying  and I was always able to visualise in my mind how wonderful and happy I would feel at my ideal weight.

Within a few months those stubborn 7 lbs came off and I was still able to eat my favourite foods.   I can now wear all the clothes in my wardrobe and I feel more confident and attractive.

Anyone who is struggling with their weight and wants a simple and effective method to help them should not hesitate in giving Karen a try, who has a friendly but professional approach to her work and really does get the results you want!


Sue O'Connor

Interior Designer

“With my work load increasing I lost track of my eating…..

I gained 8lbs in just a few days. Karen used some very simple techniques and in one week, I lost the 8lbs and it looks like I am going to lose the extra 7lbs I put on in Turkey last year….

I recommend Karen to get you on the right track to easy weight loss.”

Ian Ferris

Shiatsu practioner

“Thanks so much Karen, I thought it was fantastic and very helpful ! After having the session it put a lot of things into perspective! It has helped me to visualise my future and not to worry about unimportant things.

I am very pleased with the techniques and information you have given me.

I feel a lot better and would highly recommend it!”

Maud Alleyne

Best of Croydon