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Unclutter Your Mind

Life is too short to waste it living someone else’s ideas and expectations!

As they say you are born to die, but it is what you do in between that matters.  You don’t want to go to your death bed with regrets of what you didn’t do.

The Unclutter Your Mind Guidance and Mentoring Programmes are somewhat different to other therapies and coaching, because this is very much about taking you out of your head and into your heart, where your Inner Child resides.  As I said before your Inner Child is your Soul, which knows how life can be for you, but also knows how life has been up to this point in time.

I believe you are reading this because you are ready to create massive change in your life.

Working with me I  provide powerful highly effective life changing Inner Child and Money Mindset Guidance and Mentoring for you to be happy and successful in all areas of your life including…

  • Relationships with parents, especially mothers
  • Relationships with problematic children
  • Relationship with money
  • Abusive relationships
  • Divorce/separation problems
  • Confidence/valuing self
  • Accepting and loving you
  • Change of career
  • Business growth
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Selling – fees, price setting, packages-not time

Once you have removed the past from your mind and opened yourself up to loving you.  To be the creator of your life you need to work on discovering your life purpose, your soul mission if you don’t know it already.

Do you need help to TRANSFORM your life?

  • To stop stressing about money?
  • To have better health – to be fitter, at your ideal weight – feeling sexy and looking amazing?
  • To be running a successful business – one that is gives you the financial success you want?
  • To be confident selling without feeling salesy or pushy?
  • To stop procrastinating – to be proactive rather than reactive?
  • To be the ‘special one’ in a happy loving relationship?
  • To have more time to do what you love without feeling guilty?
  • To be free of any traumatic experiences, which keep you focused on the past instead of the present?

You can be free of the past that has held you back, through the beliefs you have about yourself.

You can stop the negative voice in your mind from constantly telling you you aren’t good enough, that you didn’t belong.  That you are unworthy of success, of happiness, of a relationship full of love and respect.

You can feel vibrationally lighter as you no longer judge or blame yourself.

You can be confident to take inspired action, spending less time procrastinating and more time doing.

You will be your present and your future not your past. 

Face obstacles on your journey as you know you are capable of moving past the obstacles.

Discover your Life Purpose and Soul Mission if you don’t already know it.

Working with me

I will get you thinking, but I believe that you don’t need to spend hours trying to figure out what you need to do, you can connect with your inner child (your soul) and ask questions and get inspired answers.

I am a guide who helps you let go of the past, to bring the future into being, to create your life now, in the present not always looking into the future waiting.

I will challenge you to stop thinking small and start acting big. I will support you to face your fears and let them go, knowing it is your ego trying to keep you safe.

I will hold you in the safe space to support and encourage you to give yourself permission to soar, and you can, it is only your mind holding you back from being the amazing and unique you.

I will be straight with you, I will give simple honest practical answers, that gets you thinking outside the ‘box’.

You will connect to the universal knowledge and wealth to build and grow your life, and your business into whatever you want it to be.

The only person stopping it from happening is you!

About Me

I have faced my own personal demons of not being good enough and of being seen.  I have also had to acknowledge that my relationship with money has been The Cat – spending to make me feel good, causing me to experience high levels of worry and stress around debt and being able to pay my bills.

But my life changed when I began my own journey to explore and let go of my demons.  It was through coaching, mentoring and listening to my inner child, my intuition and asking for guidance from the universe, that I now work with women like you to transform your life.

I am trained in Hypnotherapy and as a  “NLP” (Neuro Linguistic Programme) Practitioner.  I become interested in hypnotherapy when I had a session to stop smoking so I knew how effective it was.

I became even more interested when without any kind of prompting from the hypnotherapist I was able to access and describe a past life, in detail and learn from that knowledge allowing me to resolve some issues that had been affecting my life.

Although it wasn’t the first time I accessed my past lives, whilst training for my “NLP” certification I went back in time, to a medieval tournament.

I am fascinated by anything esoteric, including my psychic powers.  I love the fact that it is possible to offer clarity through tarot readings.  I am exceedingly grateful to be guided by my inner child to create the life I love, which is continuing to evolve.

My skill set

I am Money Mindset and Inner Child Guide and Mentor, Psychic Tarot Reader, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Reiki Master

Using my training in hypnotherapy and “NLP” combined with my psychic and listening skills I take you on a journey to find the stories you have created to give meaning to your life experiences, which block you from living the life of your dreams.

As your guide I help you to transform your thinking patterns, releasing you from the past. I also introduce you to your inner child, who is on your life journey with you.  However she is able to see things from a perspective of what you would love, rather than what you ‘think”.

I will help you find the answers to deal with the life challenges you have, in an easy and practical way.

When you follow your heart and do what you love, you form a great relationship with money, are confident, know your self worth, and have a deeper loving relationship with you and your loved ones.

With my experience as a business adviser and running my own secretarial business I can support you grow your business practically and holistically.

When you set your fees in alignment to your worth you are able to sell naturally without being salesy or pushy.

You have the time and confidence to implement the structure and financial management you need in your business.

Abundance flows when you do what you love I know. I am living my Life Purpose and Soul Mission, just as you could be.

Are you ready to step up to soar to new heights?

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Unclutter Your Mind - Money Mindset and Inner Child Guidance and Mentoring

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