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Divorce certificateYou have got through the divorce and now it is time to ensure you are able to provide for yourself and your loved ones now and in the future.

You have your home, you have your job, but will you be able to provide for your retirement, or give financial support to your children as you get older especially now that you are managing on your own.

Financial matters are never straight forward when there has been a divorce.

Awareness of what you need to do to protect your wealth and family well being through the ups and downs of life is paramount.

You have to consider what happens should you remarry and die before your new partner especially if there are children from a previous relationship.

Would financial education be of benefit if you are unsure about financial matters? I am sure you probably have questions you would like to ask but don’t necessarily know who to seek help from.  Working with me, allows you to gain clarity and to be confident to speak to the appropriate person.

As part of the financial education if required you are given a list of financial service providers who will be able to provide the necessary in depth advice you should have to take matters forward.  There is no obligation on your part to use their services.

Note: If you do decide to place business with any of the financial service providers I may receive an introductory payment.

Money Mindset, Abundance and Inner Child Coaching

Divorce has a tendency to leave you feeling vulnerable. Wondering if you will ever be able to have a new relationship?

You question your worth, and whether you are lovable, your confidence has been knocked you question what went wrong, why did it happen?

Your self-worth is low.

You may find you don’t have the time or money to go out like you used to, adding to the feeling of not being good enough.

You would think that money mindset coaching focus on money, but that is not the case.  Generally it is never about money, but is very much about how you view yourself and what you believe about yourself.

Therefore Inner child coaching is ideal as it empowers you to let go of all the negativity relating to the divorce and your self-worth, enabling you to be confident and capable of creating the life you would love.

What’s so great about working with your inner child, is she knows what you been through and where the blocks are that need to be released so you don’t have to talk about your divorce or relationship.  This saves you the pain of looking back, instead you can focus on moving forward to your new life.

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