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Going through divorceYou are probably feeling overwhelmed and confused at the present time if you are going through a divorce, feeling pressurised to reach agreement, even when you know what is being suggested isn’t what you want.  You are aware you need to make decisions, but don’t feel strong enough to stand up and state what you want calmly.

Whilst the comments under” thinking of a divorce” may not apply now, it is worth while considering what could help you get through the divorce, such as…

  • Clarity around financial matters – you may not need a financial adviser at the present. But be aware your solicitor is restricted in the information and advice she can give.
  • Dealing with the emotional fog that becomes part of your life, making it hard to make decisions, or to know the best way forward for you.
  • Planning for the future, the divorce will finish at some point and you need to have a structure in place to cope with the changes.
  • How will you live? If you are unable to obtain a settlement that provides for all your needs you have to know you are able to live.

Money mindset coaching and financial education will help toward gaining clarity concerning your actual divorce, however the inner child work will be of assistance as it is effective in supporting you to let  go of the limiting beliefs you have about success, being good enough, of belonging and being lovable to name a few.

By releasing the blocks it is possible to begin to rebuild your life to have the confidence and be open to the opportunities which will help you to support yourself emotionally and financially.

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