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I hope you enjoyed watching my video summarizing 6 of the 9 Money Personalities.

What is your money personality?

Are you…

An Ostrich – who doesn’t want anything to do with money?

A Cat – who loves money, adores spending on others and self.

A Hamster – who holds on to money and won’t spend.

A Squirrel – who loves to save and invest and will spend as a display of wealth?

A Cuckoo – who thinks money means they are being greedy – so gives it away.

A Meerkat – who gambles and is prepared to risk everything for a high return.

Do you recognise the behaviour of your partner, your mother and father and others in your life which have influenced your behaviour with money?

Do you wish your could behave differently, that you are able to feel relaxed spending, and not be worrying that you won’t have enough?

Would you love to be free of debt?

Or to have more money in your life naturally, that it is okay to have money?

What you focus on is what you create – when you focus on not having enough you create more of not having enough, even when you have plenty.

Your relationship with money is a reflection of your relationship with yourself, it is about self worth, of being good enough and feeling that you belong.

Do you want to change?  Is it time to love life, to be in harmony and flow instead of stuck in a cycle of behaviour?

When you transform your relationship with money, you transform your relationship with everything else in your life.

If you ‘know’ life can be so much better and your are open to fully experiencing life, then the discovery call is for you.

During the call we will focus on:

  • Where you are now
  • Your future vision
  • What is stopping you from living your vision (and it’s not the money).

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