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Business Inspiration Workshop

Are you a Therapist, Coach, Trainer or Healer?

Is setting your business and financial goals like sucking on a piece of lemon?

You are in business to make money but…

  • Do you struggle to set your prices?
  • Do you struggle to know who your ideal clients are?
  • Do you struggle to set business goals?
  • Does the thought of setting financial goals make you cringe?

You set your goals and fees based on what you ‘think’ which then causes you to spend a lot of time saying “I should, I must, I have to, even I can’t” leading to procrastination which means you don’t get clients, set your fees or talk about money.

Until you get past the blocks that cause you…

  • To fail to set prices that reflect your value
  • To feel uncomfortable asking for money
  • To ignore setting financial targets
  • To struggle with business goals.

Consequently you aren’t in alignment with your business, so you continue to struggle in life.  Working for yourself was supposed to provide a happier work life balance, instead it consists of more stress worry and tension around money.

The Business Inspiration Workshop will…

Connect you to your Inner Child, your intuition and explore intuitively your vision of …

  • Who your ideal clients are
  • The fees you want to charge initially, and to then increase them as you build your confidence and business
  • Your financial goals – providing clarity for the services you offer and the clients you need
  • Your business goals – in alignment with what you would love.

You will leave The Business Inspiration Workshop with a clear vision of your future.

“The meditation to identify the Vision and Goals was very powerful”

  • With your financial and business goals set
  • With your intentions in place to move you and your business forward in 2017
  • Together with clarity around your business and fees that are in alignment to your worth
  • You will be relaxed and open to opportunities that are shown to you.

Stop wasting any more time! Are you are ready and willing to connect to what you love?

Sign up BELOW to the Business Inspiration Workshop to grow your business in 2017

When: 14th January 2017

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Location: Croydon

Price: Only £47